legacyofhonor big logo 300x254 - Justin's Patriotic Project Essay Contest 2020

We are excited to announce the 2020 Justin’s Patriotic Project Essay Contest entitled “Who is Your Hero?” for students in Grades 3 though 11 that attend Hancock Central School.

We see or hear about heroes every day. A hero can be anyone from Captain America to Amelia Earhart, from a teacher or coach to a soldier or police officer, from a nurse/doctor to a delivery truck driver. These last few weeks, we’ve certainly seen a number of heroes!

Heroes represent the very best qualities a person can embody. A hero is someone who does good and courageous things for others without being asked. A hero thinks of others first.  Everyone should have a hero, someone they look up to and inspires you to be better than you are.

So tell us about your hero! How do they make you feel? What about them makes them stand out? How does your hero inspire you? What do you think makes a hero?

Winners of the essay contest will receive monetary awards of $50 for 3rd grade and increasing by $50 for each grade to $450 for 11th grade.  The money will be deposited into the students account with the Hancock Community Education Foundation.

Essays are due no later than June 12, 2020, and should be mailed to: Randy and Cindy Whiting, 330 LaBarre St., Hancock, NY  13783 or emailed to rjw@hancock.net.